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  1. hi, Debra. my name is Godspower from Nigeria and joined training with a wealthy affiliate for 6 months now. my websites are yet under construction as I regularly attend my training as soon as I am free from my pastoral assignments ( https:// and my aim is to be trained so that in the nearest future, I can start writing Christian books. What’s your advice on how I can achieve this in no time, considering the high cost of training in the dollar to Naira in Nigeria where I stay for now. thanks for your directional advice and what do you say about my websites?

    1. It’s great to have the Christian website set up and ahead of time because it will help give you an audience for your Christian books. In Wealthy Affiliate, follow the instructions for getting site feedback from the community. It’s a forum where people can comment on each other’s websites. You’ll get good feedback there.

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