William E. Rowe, Jr.

William E. Rowe, Jr.William Rowe started late for most occurrences in his life, graduating high school at twenty seven, becoming a father for the fourth time at forty five, attending Buffalo State at fifty and finding his religion at seventy seven. Still writing, he continues to realize it is never too late to find out who you are.

Books by William Rowe

William E. Rowe, Jr.Conversations with Morris

A story of a “hot stove” friendship from beginning to end. We knew each other quite well. But we never got to the point where everything had been said. There were too many things to learn, to discover, and too many things that happen in life not to be discussed.William E. Rowe, Jr.

William E. Rowe, Jr.The Santas of Mill Run – Beyond the Red Suit

An engaging story of a shopping mall Santa Claus, a young girl’s belief, her insight, caring and influence, and his determination to do the right thing.


William E. Rowe, Jr.

William E. Rowe, Jr.Seasons of the Bard

Seasons of the Bard is a collection of original poetry about life and love. Some serious, some poignant, some downright funny, all written with the author’s sense of humor.

William E. Rowe, Jr.

About William

William is retired and lives in Gasport, NY with his wife, Claudia.

William’s Blog

You can hear from William and comment about his books by visiting his blog HERE.

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2 thoughts on “William E. Rowe, Jr.”

  1. Bill Rowe’s writing is exceptionally good, especially the dialogue. While reading, you feel like you’re right in the room listening in on a conversation.

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