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Charles WoolcuttCharlie Woolcutt is a long-time member and true “staple” of the Lewiston Writers’ Group.  He’s published his novel, Founder & Other Stories on Amazon, and is currently working on writing his memoirs for the benefit of his children and grandchildren.

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Charles WoolcuttOur Founder & Other Stories

Mark Woolcutt is a gnarled branch of our family tree the genealogist wanted to ignore. Should we dismiss the branches that are in the shadows? He was of the underclass, sold into slavery, surviving in colonial New England, by his native wit and lack of scruples. We benefit from these ancestors, but ask the researcher, “Isn’t there a Duke in there somewhere?” Alas, there wasn’t. And that sets the stage for the first half of the book. Then a few memoir short stories, and finally, a novelette. All easy, enjoyable reading.Charles Woolcutt

Our Founder back cover imageAbout Charlie

Charlie Woolcutt is a retired Construction Electrician and a craftsman, blacksmith and jewelry maker. He lives in Lewiston, NY.

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