Kathleen Kifer

Kathleen Kifer

Kathleen self-published her first romance novel, “If a Tree Falls – A Love Song Comes True” on Amazon in 2013 and has just published her second novel, Tessa:  Portrait of a Survivor.

Books by Kathleen Kifer

Kathleen KiferTessa – Portrait of a Survivor

Tessa Burke is a strong, confident 44-year-old woman who has survived her recurrent breast cancer with grace and poise, much to the admiration of all who know her. Although she thinks she has been through the worst of it, the disease returns yet again, this time claiming her left arm, and leaving amputation as her only option. Confronting a challenge she could never have prepared for, she must redefine herself in a body she can no longer recognize, as her marriage crumbles into divorce and she faces an uncertain future alone. Yet, just when Tessa is losing hope, a surprise from her past will transform all she believes about herself, the rest of her life and the power of unconditional love.Kathleen Kifer

War Waged All in Pink – By Michele Deluca

Kathleen’s new book, Tessa – Portrait of A Survivor, is discussed in a local newspaper article.  Read it HERE.

Kathleen KiferIf a Tree Falls – A Love Song Comes True

Young Amanda Morgan had a burning, adolescent infatuation with iconic rock star, Marshall Stewart. An “incurable” fan, she found comfort and hope in his music and plastered her bedroom walls with posters, endlessly fantasizing about her idol, before he mysteriously disappeared and was never found. When Amanda is forced to re-define her life in the wake of a broken engagement, a stunning turn of events sets her on a journey where she not only unwittingly finds Marshall Stewart, ten years older and living in disguise, but becomes involved with this mysterious, broken man who faces the dilemma of revealing his true identity at the risk of losing her. And once she discovers the truth, can Amanda commit to a life of secrecy to protect the man she loves?

“If a Tree Falls” is a modern day fairy tale to be curled up with and savored at the end of a long, demanding day.  Sweet dreams!

Kathleen KiferAbout Kathleen

Kathleen credits the Lewiston Writers’ Group with their encouragement, guidance and support as she returned to fiction writing after many years away from it, and she’s enjoying every moment of creativity it brings to her life.

In Kathleen’s “day job,” she is Secretary to the Town of Lewiston Bureau of Fire Prevention.  Her husband, Al, is retired and volunteers as an Animal Rehabilitator.  They live in Lewiston, NY.

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Kathleen’s Blog

You can hear from Kathleen and comment about her books by visiting her blog HERE.

Kathleen KiferBook Signings and Events

As Kathleen sets off to begin marketing her new book, Tessa – Portrait of a Survivor, we’ll post the dates, times and locations of her book signings and speaking engagements here.  Check back often, or subscribe to her mailing list for updates!

Your Feedback, Please!

Please comment below if you’d like to comment on Kathleen’s books.  Your comment can be as short as, “Great job, Kathleen!” or as long as a full-blown book review.  Let’s all support Kathleen and tell the world what a fantastic writer she is!

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6 thoughts on “Kathleen Kifer”

  1. Both books sounds great. I especially like “Tessa – Portrait of a Survivor.” That sounds like a good book, it’s personal and real…that is what I like the most. I probably would not read the second one, although I do like romance novels. I will have to start with Tessa and see how much I enjoy it 🙂

    1. I’ve read both, and If a Tree Falls was not really like a typical romance – it was just a darn good novel. I hope you enjoy these and come back to let us know what you thought!

  2. “Tessa” is a moving book, unique for its honesty and insight. It brings the emotions of the characters to life and evokes a response from the reader, making it truly memorable.

  3. Carol and I found your book an exceptional and easy read. The emotional suspense is well handled, and the ending is well crafted. We did not anticipate exactly where the novel was going. Great Job, Kathy.

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