Lola Hornof

Lola has published several books of poetry and quotes, all available on Amazon. 



Books by Lola Hornof

A Book of Poetry About Life

This is a book of poetry based on my life experiences and thoughts about those experiences.  It gives a view of my perspective on the world around me. It contains my feelings and personal view point on the world. Kathleen Kifer

Life PoemsLife Poems

This is a book of poems based on my life experiences. It may help you figure something out or just entertain you. Either way please enjoy.


Quotes That Have Inspired Me

This is book of quotes from famous people and everyday people. They have inspired me through life.

This is book of quotes from famous people and everyday people. They have inspired me through life.

Famous Quotes

Inspiring quotes from famous people.

Life Poetry

This is a book of poetry that comes from my experiences and those of other people. It is full of inspiration and hope.

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About Lola

Lola has been writing for years and bases her writing on her personal experiences and her own observations.  She enjoys gardening, walks through nature, music, reading crime novels, and observing the world around her.  She lives out in the country in Michigan and enjoys the peacefulness.

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Lola’s Blog

You can hear from Lola and comment about her work by visiting her blog HERE.

Book Signings, Events and New Books

We’ll post the dates, times and locations of Lola’s book signings and speaking engagements, along with notices about newly published books by Lola here.  Check back often!

Your Feedback, Please!

Please comment below if you’d like to comment on Lola’s work.  Your comment can be as short as, “Great job, Lola!” or as long as a full-blown book review.  Let’s all support Lola and tell the world what a fantastic writer she is!

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