Self-Exploration – Short Story by Lola Hornof

Jessie walked out of the cabin door. She took in a deep breath of the fresh, clean, morning air. She stretched and took all the scenery in. The early morning brightly colored birds sang and chirped. The frogs from the nearby pond made noises.

Jessie was all alone out in the heart of nature. The tall trees shaded her from the glowing early morning sun. This was her chance to really explore who she was. To find where her calm place was in her head. The woods were the perfect place to find herself. To explore her inner most thoughts, beliefs, and emotions with no interruptions. She had no one to bother her and no technology to draw her in.

She wanted to be away from the drama and people.

It was just Jessie and Mother nature. She sat down at the picnic table and drank her coffee. She listened to the sounds of nature as a light breeze blew over her. She finished her coffee and decided to grab her yoga mat. She started walking through the woods, plants and leaves crackling under her feet.

Jessie came upon a clearing of green, plush grass. This will be perfect she thought. Two deer were walking through. She kept her distance and watched as they passed by. Once they had made their way back into the woods, Jessie made her way to the center of the clearing. The sun beat down on her as she took its energy in. She laid down the mat and cleared her mind, which was a very difficult thing to do. The sun warmed her skin. She did her yoga poses for awhile feeling relaxed and refreshed when she was done. As she picked up her mat, she noticed a small brown rabbit watching her.

Jessie stood up and took in all of the untainted nature around her. Walking back to the cabin, her mind was clear and she was ready to delve into who she was. To get into her own mind and to try to find some way to have inner piece. It had been a rough year for her. Losing her business, having to sell her house and move into an apartment, and her mother slowly dying of cancer. It had overwhelmed her so much. It had been the most stressful year of her life. Now she need to get back to herself and let go of all the pain and disappointment. It was time to let go of the things she had no control over.

Jessie decided to take out her journal and write down every feeling she had for this past year of chaos and trouble. Breaking each one down and telling herself she had no control over it and what happened. This was a very emotional step for her. Each item brought tears to her eyes, but she remained focused on the goal of this exercise. As she went through each item on her list, she slowly began to feel freer and freer and like a weight had been lifted.

By the time she finished the list, Jessie felt more relaxed than she had in a long time. It was a feeling she thought she would never have again. She was overwhelmed by who she truly was. She felt strong, independent, and empowered. This was the best feeling in the world to her. A feeling she thought had been devoured by all the negativity she had gone through. It had been so long sine tranquility had filled Jessie like this. She felt like her old self again.

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