Amid the Fall – Poem by Beth Wood

The rain patterns on the roof of the desolate hall
As I peer out the window 
dead of night 
naked trees 
tis the mist the fall
The moon lights the sky like a candle in the night and the rain, oh the rain seems to play a tune hitting each note just right the wind tells tales of forgotten lovers and friends long since passed 
almost but not quite seeing faces in the clouds the fog has cast 
I welcome the night how I love you so your mystery fills me and your darkness has depths man shall never know 
A hush falls upon the land the rain she has past what lies in her wake tis a question better left unasked 
Of old friends I have many lovers more or less still the nights rain seems to be the one that suits me best 
A smile has formed up on the lips of the woman within the desolate hall 
It appears she is found her peace 
Within the night 
Among the trees 
Amid the fall
-By Beth Wood
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