New Orleans – Short Story by Lola Hornof

Julie was completely memorized by this magnificent city. New Orleans. She had finally made it here, her dream. She slowly walked down Bourbon Street taking in all the sights.

Jazz music was playing, with its up beats, on the street by the native musicians. The sights and sounds amazed her and put her in a trance. There was so much activity. People were all around her. Dressed in bright clothes and laughing. Red, orange, yellow, purple, and blue lights glowed in front of night clubs, lighting the night. Children tap dancing for any money some passerby may give them. Door men holding signs, yelling for people to come into their clubs.

Julie made her way to Jackson Square, wanting to explore as many areas as possible on her first night here. It was a peaceful, except for the occasional drunk tourist. Saint Louis Cathedral towered down over the square keeping watch. Tarot card readers were seated at their tables, patiently awaiting their next customers. Telling fortunes and futures to those curious people who stopped by. Julie could not believe the New Orleans magic that surrounded Her job started in a week, so she had time to learn about this glorious city. She had always dreamed of her.

There was just so much to see and do, it was almost overwhelming. New people to meet and a new job. Julie’s most wanted dreams were coming true. She had always dreamed about moving to New Orleans. She had read books and researched the city for many years. It was as if the city called her, heart and soul. There were just so many new things to do and try. She thought “Not bad for a country girl”.

Julie made her way through the night, lit up by street lamps, to the Mississippi River. There were very few people.

And the quiet was peaceful. The moon shown down full and bright, in all its glory. She could not believe that she had finally made it to New Orleans. Years of saving and working meaningless jobs, saving for an apartment in the French Quarter. Working as hard as possible in college so she could get a decent job there. Finding an excellent job in her dream city, filling her with excitement. Julie had finally made it.

All of her dreams were coming true and her life was falling into place. Nothing in the world could have made her happier.

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