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What Do Writers Blog About For many writers, writing the book is the easy part.  Writing is something we love and are passionate about, and watching a story unfold on the page before our very eyes is beyond thrilling.  But it?s the stuff you have to write after??the dreaded synopsis, a perfectly-worded, not-too-long, not-too-short query letter, the nearly impossible back-of-the-book summation.  And just when you think you?ve gotten through it all, along comes the concept of a blog.  Everybody?s doing it, you hear.  It?s necessary for the success of not only your book but for you as an author.  It?s expected nowadays.

But What Do Writers Blog About?

Many writers think that beyond the writing of their book, they don?t ?personally?What Do Writers Blog About ” width=”200″ height=”200″ />Deciding What to Blog About

Before you get started, you need to ask yourself a few questions.  First, who is your audience?  Keep in mind that you?re trying to appeal to the very same readers who are interested in books in your genre.  Hugely successful author, Stephen King, refers to his audience as the ?Constant Reader.?What Do Writers Blog About ” width=”200″ height=”299″ />If you don?t put any planning into your blog and start blogging about everything under the sun (whatever you happen to be interested in on any particular day), then you?ll end up confusing readers.  People will connect with you on a particular passion, topic or interest, but few people will connect with you on several topics.  You have to be selective about the content you?re posting on your blog.  Stick to a topic you?re passionate about, and you?ll find you never run out of ideas.

Where to Get Post Ideas

Try these techniques for coming up with interesting blog post ideas:

  • Find inspiration by keeping up with the latest books, movies, TV, celebrities.  What?s going on that might be interesting to your readers?
  • Always keep a notebook with you so you can jot down ideas as they come to you. You can also use the ?notes?What Do Writers Blog About ” width=”200″ height=”320″ />How to Keep Your Blog GoingSet up a schedule so you?re blogging regularly.  You won?t have much of a following if your readers hear from you three days in a row, then nothing for six months.  Be consistent.

    Go back and expand on topics that your readers responded well too.  Which of your blog posts have gotten the most comments?  You know you have an interested audience there ? build on it.

    Do a Variety of Posts.  Some Examples Might Be:

    Posts to announce an upcoming book signing event

    How-To Posts

    Review Posts.  Book reviews, product reviews (such as writing tools or software)

    Inspirational or motivational Posts

    Juicy Facts About Your Book Posts.  Little tidbits containing behind-the-scenes facts about your book.

    Opinion Posts.  You can talk about your beliefs, life lessons you?ve learned, rules you live by, etc.

    Life As a Writer Posts.  This is where you can talk about your writing schedule, how you deal with writer?s block, or how your family continuously interrupts you while you?re working.  You can also talk about the writing industry itself ? how it?s changing, how social media has affected writers, making a living as a writer, etc.

    Current Project Posts.  Talk about what you?re working on right now.

    Update Posts.  Use these to let your readers know if you have a new book in the works, or are planning a book signing.

    Personal Experiences Posts.  Talk about your life a little.  Bonding with your readers over conversation about real-life experiences can be powerful and fulfilling.

    Feedback Posts.  Ask your readers for feedback on various topics, or on things such as possible covers for your new book.

    Video Posts.  Upload and embed relevant videos from YouTube into your posts and discuss.

    Just Start!

    The only way to get comfortable blogging is to start doing it. Do it regularly, and you’ll get better and better at it.  Think of your blog as a forum to express yourself, your ideas, and your personality – not to mention your skills as a writer!

    Feedback, Please!

    If you have ideas to share with other writers on coming up with topics to blog about, please comment below!  Thanks so much for visiting our website – Happy Blogging!

    Debra Sherman
    Co-Founder and Chairperson
    Lewiston Writers’ Group

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  1. Hi i am actually struggling to do my blogs on Acelures as we speak, so reading your article seemed like a good idea. And im glad i did because now i have a few ideas under my belt. Your article was very easy to read and pleasing to the eye. Keep up the good work!

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