What Can Authors Blog About? Ideas to Get You Started

For most authors, setting up a blog isn’t that difficult – it’s the “What do I write about?” dilemma that’s the hard part!

If you’re a new author with your first blog, or if you’re a seasoned blogger wanting fresh ideas, here are some helpful hints on making your blog enjoyable for your readers, along with encouraging readers to buy your book.

What Can Authors Blog About?  Ideas to Get You Started

what can authors blog aboutGet Personal

You don’t have to discuss details of your personal life you’re not comfortable sharing.  You need to decide what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not – every author is different as far as how much personal information they’re willing to share.  But there are things that you could share, like stories from your childhood, what it was like becoming a parent, whether or not you intend to get married someday, your difficulties in learning to ride a bike…abstract things that you can share without actually giving away any personal information. Sharing personal stories provides a way for your readers to get to know you.  And just as with a character in a novel, once the reader gets to know the person, they become invested…and want to know more.

Share Inside Information About Your Book

This could include deleted scenes, deleted characters, or the totally different ending you thought the book was going to have when you first sat down to write it.  You might talk about what inspired the idea for a particular book, or perhaps vaguely disclose what person from your real life a particular character is based on.   Think of this as watching a movie with director commentary…where you’re given interesting, even juicy little behind-the-scenes tidbits.  Again, this gives your readers another opportunity to get to know you as a writer and as a person.

Talk About Your Life as a Writer

You might discuss and describe your writing process, your writing schedule, how you come up with ideas, which authors have inspired you.  You might include some funny stories about the million-and-one times your family interrupted you while you were trying to write, or describe some of the things you do (even if unsuccessfully) to fight writer’s block.  Often, people who follow an author’s blog are writers themselves, and discussing these sorts of topics gives insight into the creative process and again, helps create a bond with your readers.

Let Them Buy Your Books!

Remember, the whole reason you started an author’s blog in the first place was to help market your books!  Always include an image of your book with a link to where they can buy it (like Amazon).  Don’t overdo it – you don’t want the whole blog post to be filled with advertisements for your book.  But definitely include a link to one or more of your books in every blog post.

Blog Regularly

You don’t have to blog every day, but I strongly suggest posting something to your blog at least once every week or two.  It’ll keep your readers interested and engaged (don’t forget to ask for comments and feedback!), and will show Google and other search engines that you’re a serious blogger, adding interesting content regularly.

For More Information

For more ideas on blogging topics, read my article:

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Do You Have More Ideas?

Please leave a comment below if you have questions, or if you have other blogging topic ideas to offer.  Happy Blogging!  🙂

Debra Sherman
Co-Founder and Chairperson
Lewiston Writers’ Group

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