How to Write for My Blog – It’s Easier if You Plan Ahead!

how to write for my blogWriting content for your blog can be much easier if you know how to plan your blog posts out ahead of time.  If you sit down to write without a plan, it can lead to frustration and often results in a blog post that either doesn’t make much sense, or isn’t that interesting.

Create a Plan for Your Blog Post

Create a plan or an outline for your blog post ahead of time by following these steps:

  1. Choose a topic. Make your headline interesting and captivating.
  2. Write an introduction (say what you’re going to write about).
  3. Break down your ideas into smaller concepts or ideas.
  4. Break up your content with headlines in bold (like I’ve done in this article).
  5. Write out your content, researching information and facts along the way if need be.
  6. Write a conclusion (summing up what you just talked about).

Your breakdown or cheat-sheet might look like this:


Idea #1:  ___________________________________________________

Idea #2: ___________________________________________________

Idea #3:  ___________________________________________________


Fill in the blanks before you start writing your blog post.  Not only will it eliminate writer’s block, but it will result in a well-organized, well-written article.

Remember Your Reader is a PERSON

As much as we like to sound smart as writers, we also have to remember that not many people are interested in sitting down and reading a textbook.  Be conversational in your writing.  Tell your story/relay the facts in the same way you would if you were chatting with a friend.  Your reader should feel as though the two of you are having a conversation over a cup of coffee.

how to write for my blogAsk for Engagement

People like to give feedback.  Always encourage people to comment on your article or add their own ideas.  Blogs that are getting a lot of engagement with visitors rank higher in Google – so get your readers talking!  This is also a great opportunity to either recommend a product or service, or to invite your reader to subscribe to your mailing list or to share your article on social media.

Want to See a Sample Blog Post?

You just did!  If you go back and skim through this article, you’ll see I followed all of these steps.  And since you’ve gotten all the way down to this paragraph, then these tips worked on keeping you interested!  🙂

Feedback Please!

If you have any questions about how to properly write content for your blog, or if you have suggestions to help others with their writing, please leave a comment below.  Thank you!  Debra

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5 thoughts on “How to Write for My Blog – It’s Easier if You Plan Ahead!”

  1. Hello,
    What an interesting Page you have. I have just started my own blog and I had some difficulties writing my content. I will try to follow your advice. As you said you have to create plan, to remember that our reader is a person and encourage people to give feedback. Thank you very much for your tips. I will try to follow them.

  2. These are all good tips for first time bloggers or writers out there. While there should be planning a good header and a conversational approach, detailed planning is not for everyone.

    Note how I put detailed planning, yes there must be a plan but never to the point that the writer gets too overwhelmed this can effect our writing more than if we take some notes than just get right into it. I know because when I plan too much I just toss the old idea away and start over fresh. I consider what I throw away an exercise. Yet everyone is so different in the approach they take and everyone has a different talent!

  3. Hello and thanks for sharing, I agree with what you have said. The thing is that for those who are new to this and just staring out this can be a big challenge and then o some of us who have been here for a while we may still have some draw back, but what you have written here just makes good sense. Plan ahead so when you said down and begin to think things will begin to flow. You have written and awesome post.

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