The Ballad of a Broken Heart – Poem by Rachel Brown

His eyes so

full of sadness this night that only I can give

him what he truly needs as much as I,

do this night so cold and lonely in the way this heart breaks

for the man I love so much even

now when hopes and dreams shatter

upon the floor at my

feet none can see the pain in my heart

which I hide so well even when

it hurts so much in all that is meaningful in my


I hide what I fear could

end my freedom for all eternity

even when love should be able

to conquer every little thing that stands in its


I will someday find

a way to rebel against the ones who ruined

my perfect happiness so dear in all it means to me

and this life of mine,

Love is strong, stronger than anything else

on earth and I will find a way to

be with the man I do love

so much even when pain gets locked up inside

my heart so true;

I truly want to

find a way to happiness

where this heart can never be

even when I long for it to be so

easily achieved on

every given level.

     By Rachel Brown

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