Surprise Connection – Short Story by Lola Hornof

A double date was always a bad idea.  It was a favor to her roommate.  Bethany had never met the guy or heard of him, so she was nervous. Why am I putting myself through this she asked herself.  This was one favor she would cash in on at a later date.

So she got ready in her favorite outfit and headed to meet her mystery date with her roommate.  What if this guy is a total loser she thought.  I just have to get through the night Bethany told herself.

They arrived at the restaurant, Bethany’s anxiety rising.  They were lead to the table and everyone was introduced.  We let’s hope this goes good thought Bethany.  Her date’s name was Taylor.  He was very handsome and well spoken.  A man that uses his mind thought Bethany what a rare thing.

They all enjoyed their food and sat back for some coffee and conversation.  The night was coming to an end and Bethany realized that this date was going great.  As they paid the bill, Taylor asked Bethany if he could see her again.  Her heart raced and she said of course.  They exchanged contact information and said their goodbyes.

When they got home, her roommate instantly started interrogating her about what she thought of Taylor and how the evening had been so perfect.  Bethany told her they exchanged contact information and headed to her room to relax.  She got into her pajamas and pulled out her journal.  This was definitely a night to write about.

She woke up the next morning feeling fresh and thinking about Taylor. How could one meeting cause all this she thought as she went to the kitchen for coffee.  There was a lot to do today but all she could think about was when was Taylor going to contact her.  It was a very excited and anxious feeling.  Bethany had never felt these emotions all at once, so this guy must be special.

Walking into the living room, she sat down in her favorite chair.  She checked her cell phone but nothing from him.  There was a twinge of disappointment.  Then her insecurities kicked in What if he had only taken her information to be polite?  What if he was not sincere?  Bethany pushed these thoughts from her mind and tried to remain positive. She did not want to get her hopes up about him, she had had to many bad dating experiences.

Bethany got up from her seat and went to get ready for her day.  She decided to not think about Taylor anymore. She figured if he contacted her or not it would all work out.  Either way, she decided not to care or be negative.

As she got out of the shower, her phone rang out with a text message.  It was from Taylor.  He wanted to meet for dinner and drinks that night.  Her heart raced and excitement built up in her. She responded with a yes, hoping to not sound overzealous. They arranged a meeting place and time.  Bethany put the phone down and did a happy dance.  How would she get through the day being so excited?  It was just going to have to work.

Bethany went through her day but all her thoughts were on him. They had really bonded over dinner but tonight just the two of them was going to make or break Bethany’s hopes.  It just felt so right with him.

With all her errands done, Bethany returned home and started digging through her closet for the perfect outfit.  She did not want too sexy so she would go with a more conservative look.  Two more hours and they were meeting.  Bethany’s heart was pounding out of her chest but she had to get ready.  All she could think Was this guy the one she had been searching and waiting for?

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