My Mother Confuses Me – Poem by Lola Hornof

You were supposed to protect me,


One day you would love,

The next you wish I was never born,

Not keeping him away from me,

Knowing it was going on,

You were in the room,

Then you would go crazy,

Hitting me,

I suffered at your hands,

There was no reason,

I was good,

Constant turmoil,

I was so young,

To understand,

One minute lifting me up,

The next knocking me down,

I never knew a Mother’s love,

She was so mentally unstable,

But I did not know,

Did not protect,

Just abused,

And let other abuse go on.

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2 thoughts on “My Mother Confuses Me – Poem by Lola Hornof”

    1. This is poem is about my childhood. If you need insight for your book please let me know. All my writing is based on my experiences.

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