Just Got my flash drive

So that means I can get back to my novel, can hardly wait till I can get back to work on my book that’s going to be a heck of a time . I know enough of what is going on at the writers group to see that my novel may end up being one of the best . I  am  getting   really  excited  with  getting  my  book  finished  and   completed ,  really   its  going  to  be  great  no  doubt  there  I am  so  excited  about  all  this  publishing  bit.

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I'm Rachel a writer who had been writing poetry since the seventh grade. I look forward to summer events in Lewiston and continue to attend writers group meetings . I make time for the things that matter such as my friends and family. The few things that matter more these days are my friends and finding love in the writings of romance novelists , such as E.L JAMES and a few others but nothing out shines the love based on real life men who had come and gone from my life .

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