17 Chapters

My novel has 17 chapters as of now so I suppose I’ll push myself a little
harder and wrack my brain for new upcoming events to take place in my novel its gonna be a challenge to be sure.. but all the same I am working hard as I can to make these novels as good as they can be just the same.
I’ve just been trying to tie things together in this first book with the events to take place in book two of the same saga. Who knows it looks like there might end up being a third book as well . I am  just  so  excited  about  trying  to  get  my  chapters together  and  tie in  all the  events  from  the  last  few chapters  now its  all  about  getting  all the  Characters  names  right; but  I’m  pretty good  at  names  and  events  and  then  the  inner turmoil of  Rachel  Burnett  to Reigna  Valera  its going  to be  a  rather bumpy ride for the  readers  experience. I  just know  its  going  to  be  a  series  of books unlike  any other, I’m  going use my own  individualistic  style  which is  going to have the audience  wanting  more its  going to  be  something else  no  doubt  about  that.  I  know that I’ll  have  many  friends  who’ll  want  a  copy  of these  books once they’re out this much I  know  for sure  now .

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