Its Been A Long Time

Being able to blog about the progress of my novel is one thing but being able to post about it is so exciting , I have 17 chapters written and still working so hard on it too I haven’t done anything lately due to the fact that the computer I had used for that needs a check up and possibly some fixing and updating too. But as long as I have at least one pc I should be able to get some work done after I get a flash drive that is . I’ve been inspired and I can hardly wait to get back to it . I’m so happy to have my blogging experience back .  I’ve said  it  before  and  I’ll  say it again, good things come  to  those who wait.  I’ve lived by  those words since I  was  still only a teenager and  those words still  continue  to  ring  true  nonetheless I  am  not  letting  writers block  get  the  better of  me  this time.  I  am  so  happy  that  I  can blog again  about  my  book  that’s  supposed to  come out  this  Christmas  alas  its   going  to  be  the  biggest event in my life to date. Looking  forward to  that  and   hope  to have it  done  soon enough.

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