I Will Never Lose My Hope – Poem by Rachel Brown

To lose hope is to lose everything that I’ve ever truly believed in even when it happens to be so full of heart,

I will never lose what’s truly important in all that we truly are, even now as we’re in so much peril as it may be at this time;

Keep me safe in your arms and I’ll never want anything more than to protect your dreams.

I will be set free as a bird in all good time indeed, ah, but all hope can never be lost,

I will set free the woman within my true unbridled heart without a sign of forgiveness to be seen to the ones who had stood in the way of true love unwavering;

I will know that somehow our love will survive the times soon to come between us at the end of the day even now when all my love is locked deep within my heart of an island.

I will never again see the light where all of my love doth dwell in all they sorrow so cold,

I will never see where my loves lies in waiting for me to someday come to him so willingly

ah, but alas my fairy tale ending will never come to be;

so easily in a reality which I have to deny lest I go insane from a love that I know can never be what is needed in this life of mine.

-By Rachel Brown


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