Holy Spirit – Poem by Mario Vitale

a shudder,
to frolic in the dire ambiance
a spiritual awakening
a peace that passes all understanding
the go between
the comforter
a heart saturated with truth
in order to withstand the true test of time
angelic premonition
a deep longing

to seek deep into the heart of the manifestation of God
Jesus came to open our hearts
to turn us from Satan onto God
that we may have forgiveness of sins
inheritance among us which is sanctified within thee
the soft pitter patter of sandalled feet
a breath of wind
to light to sunset amidst the day
a humble need to bow the knee to pray

Holy Spirit I surrender take me where you want to go
help me daily in your presence so that I may grow
with tempter on fire with blazing eyes of vengeance
daily my portion will be just to be with you
love is the essence of my inner existence
God is not a man that he should lie
comfort my heart may you never depart
live your light through us
give us wisdom therefore with all thy getting gain understanding
keep us by the power of your spirit
give us the strength to over come sin, self and Satan
a challenge to be free is a question of time
light of illumination
sought to be with us to the end as believers.

-by Mario Vitale, Wolcott, CT

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