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Over the years, I have written for the stage, film, television, and print, working as both a freelance artist and as a creative director of an international advertising agency. I grew up acting on the stage in Australia and later in Canada. I was traveling the world, as young Australians must, when I met a girl at an audition in Toronto. Two sons and five grandchildren later, I am still hanging around theatres in North America and telling stories.

Terry BellevilleMatters of Kindness,” my collection of short stories, anecdotes, and memories came about because someone was very kind to me when I was still in short pants. If I knew his name I would thank him because his generosity was an inspiration. “Matters of Kindness” features nine different personal stories. My ambition is that you will find something that will warm and comfort you and, occasionally, something that gives you a laugh or makes you smile. Kind of just like life.

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