Book Review: Tessa – Portrait of a Survivor

First, I want to thank Kathleen Kifer and the Lewiston Writers’ Group for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Kathleen Kifer is the strongest, spunkiest, toughest woman with a huge heart and the bravest Author I know to share her story in Tessa A Portrait of A Survivor. Kathleen has an incredible gift for writing especially when it came to telling her own story. You could tell by just reading it that she was passionate about what she was writing about because she lived it. They always say write about what you know and love. Not to mention by writing this must have healed her and put closure on some events in the book that took place.

Many people like myself who have never personally had a family member diagnosed with any form of cancer may be interested to read this book. They would have a better understanding of what a cancer patient goes through. There is a character whom I actually have a huge soft spot for named Chloe who got diagnosed with Breast Cancer. In this book Kathleen walks you through the stages of thinking you have the disease, to finding out you do, testing, treatment, etc. Plus, all the emotions, mental parts of it, and of course the physical. Not to mention how the family and friends react. Many parts I will be honest was hard for me to read and I cried. I never knew half of what Breast Cancer Patients went through. Nor did I know how fast it could spread and to other body parts.

One topic that was touched on that I feel strongly about not getting proper medical treatment because they don’t have health insurance. Everyone should have health insurance even if it is Medicaid. For someone who might have any type of cancer and not be able to looked at because they don’t have health insurance is just a crime!!

I was actually shocked to find out to save someone’s life from breast cancer spreading you need to remove the arm. My heart went out to Tessa at this moment in time! I could totally understand where she would feel self-conscious about as she called it her “stump” and didn’t want many people to see it. We all have insecurities about our bodies. Nobody is perfect. This just now makes her unique. So, I totally understood when she wanted nothing to do with the prosthetic arm! I loved how she stood up to the guy and how understanding Dr. Camden was.

One thing I liked about this book is that she mentioned a lot of places in Buffalo, NY. I too am from Buffalo, NY and smiled when places were mentioned that I knew of. Not many authors put Buffalo, NY locations in their book. So, it is nice to be recognized. Especially if it isn’t for the snow or the Bills loosing.

I love how Kathleen thanked the Lewiston Writers’ Group for supporting and encouraging her throughout every step of her endeavor.

It was pretty special that her friend Lynn Passanese posed for the beautiful cover of the book as Tessa.

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