Your Love Makes Me Real – Poem by Rachel Brown

I will love

like Romeo and Juliet

never to give into a forbidden desire like


of a true fairy tale

of love and unrequited honesty which

gives me the right to love and never lose

where it is that

nothing could replace what’s real

in my life;

but alas he is the one

that makes me feel most alive in all

that is meant to be

no one could ever stop me from feeling

like a destiny that’s

been meant to happen since my past so full

of sorrow in all the ways

that have given me a

true peace of mind.

I will never

truly change when others call

us forbidden,

ah but none can fully understand

where it is that

my heart lies for all

that I am worth;

my past brought me back to

who I was meant to be without a second


ah but we cannot

last like this even when I’m born to love

him with all my heart.

By Rachel Brown


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2 thoughts on “Your Love Makes Me Real – Poem by Rachel Brown”

  1. been meant to happen since my past so full

    of sorrow in all the ways”,

    1. Thank You for the beautiful comment Mario, it was a poem based on a love gone wrong in a sad way but in light of brighter days to come I will continue to look forward into the light of the sun and remain vigilant as a writer and nothing more . I always hope that you’ll continue to read more of my work and take the lessons I’ve learned and written into my poems to heart. NEVER MAKE MY MISTAKES . 🙂

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