Final Draft Underway

I started my final draft on my first volume of my book and now I’ve just to complete this and make it all happen in the span of six months.
This is going to be the most exciting experience of my life, I want this book series to eventually go to Japan and a few other countries too as
well I am confidant that I can get far enough in this task.
I love my work and I love what I do also I love the people I talk to about my work its way too awesome now . I know I can get this book out there now I just need the advice and the support to make it real .  This  is  indeed   a dream  come true  for  me  and   a  novel  about six years  in  the  making  I’ve  always  wanted this  since  I  had  lost   my  grandfather  in 2009  I  am    really   quite  happy that  I  could   do  this  for   him  he had  wanted  this  for  me  since  I  was  still in  high school  now   I  am   ready  to  do  this  for  him . I   will  become  the  novelist  that everyone  knows  that I  can  be  it will  only  be  a  matter of  time  till   it  all  comes  to  light .

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