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Max Warfield is a well-established writer and has several books available on Amazon.

Books by Max Warfield

The Weather VainNEW!  The Weather Vain

During a turn from prosperity, a professor pursues his love interest amidst riots and mayhem, becoming more entangled in the police crackdown until they are called on to save man from machines.




Max Warfield

Max WarfieldIndependently Blue

Walter Ackerson thrives as one of New Jersey’s first state troopers to cruise a Harley Davidson on his beat. When his sister bows out of a play late in the schedule that he co-stars in, Walter finds the stand-in is a lovely Russian woman. Before the two can begin a relationship, the interruptions of rumrunners, union violence and the mob threaten to end everything.Max Warfield

Max WarfieldCobra in the Clouds

Young airman Gus Hayes tries to avoid World War 2, but it keeps finding him. Tragic events leave him fearing the enemy and his comrades as well. A mission then exiles him to an isolated outpost run by hooligans who plan on taking care of Gus, but begin a murderous attack on the black-skinned mechanic, Sebastien, first. Gus then watches in horror as the Jamaican retaliates with voodoo, a terror that threatens them all.

Max Warfield

Max WarfieldVanitas

A collection of short stories searching for hope amid chaos.

Max Warfield

Max WarfieldBrimstone

Dodging an evil ex-wife, snipers, electronic warfare devices and diving drones, Cliff Whitford scours the Mojave searching for the truth about his deceased brother, a man he truly idolized. Investigating his death forces him to learn about his brother’s life and his own, two paths heading in contradictory directions.

Max WarfieldAbout Max

Max Warfield is from Connecticut and now calls Western New York his home. He is a correspondent for the Lockport Union Sun & Journal and has written articles for the Niagara Gazette and Thrive magazine. His favorite aspect of the Lewiston Writer’s group is learning by hearing the incredibly creative and talented writing of the other members.

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