The Righteous and the Wicked – Poem by Micah Tudor

Two paths are there in life: the path of righteousness,
and the path of wickedness.
If from the righteous path you stray,
dearly will you have to pay.
Should you choose to take the wicked path,
you will feel God’s mighty wrath.
Down He will strike you,
and to Hell He will cast you.
Every thief, murderer, and liar,
shall be thrown into the lake of fire.
God only takes pity on,
the ones that fall at his feet, their sins gone.
Every sin God will wash away,
if, to Him, of repentance you will pray.
For if he repents, even the worst of sinners,
can join God at his holy dinners.
Every person, sickly or well,
has the chance to choose either Heaven or Hell.
All power He owns, our mighty God,
and in Heaven he rules with his staff and rod.
Only the righteous will be saved.
A way for the wicked shall not be paved,
and never shall they reach Heaven,
nor shall they reach God, among his golden lampposts seven.
The name of the righteous Satan will call,
hungrily waiting for them to fall.
Eager to welcome us in Heaven is the Father,
with open arms, beckoning to son and daughter.
In Satan’s lair dwell the psychics, the torturers,
and the evil sorcerers.
Approaching the great red dragon,
are the sinners, their burdened shoulders sagging.
Cease the wickedness, the sinning, the hating,
and run to the Father, don’t keep him waiting.
Heaven’s gates are open wide,
lay down your life and come inside.

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