Snow – Poem by Kathleen Kifer

Tiny white orbs, celestially sent, 

In drifting, meandering feathered descent

Once caught on a breeze, they skitter and tease

Alighting, then melting, their joyrides spent

Larger, fluffier, robust flakes

Collide in a gale off of unfrozen lakes

Fulfilling their mission with white-out precision

Slick roads and school closings evolve in their wake

Piercing ice arrows of stinging sleet

Blanketing all in glassine sheets

Of crystal splendor, then surrenders

As the warming sun competes

Soft, gentle veil of winter’s mist

Moonlit ice diamonds in glittering drifts

As flakes touch the ground, the only sound

Is the loving kindness of God’s kiss

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2 thoughts on “Snow – Poem by Kathleen Kifer”

  1. I loved it when I first heard it, loved it the second time even more so beautiful a gorgeous piece of art Kathy.

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