Shape of Spring – Poem by Susan Stevens

There was a large lady from Penn

Who was back on her diet – again.

She’d spent the winter doing nothing but munch,

Take-a-ways, dinners out, round the pub for lunch.

Extra portions, dumplings with stew,

A cake or biscuit with every brew.

These are just some of the things she has tried,

And now the fat has no where to hide.

‘Oh no’ she wailed, ‘I want to be slim,

I may even have to join a gym.

The spring is here, I’ve booked a cruise,

And I’ve got so much weight to lose.

But the weathers great, I don’t want to be glum,

Worrying about the size of my bum,

I’ll just buy clothes in a bigger size,

Something loose to hide my thighs.

After all I’ll still look divine-

So who’s going to pour me a glass of wine?’

-By Susan Stevens, Wolverhampton

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