Separate Ways – Poem by Michael Salazar

Long since we’ve parted separate ways
Like winds that touch the Autumn leaves
Heartbeats that fade with passing days
Hands held in prayer, to whisper needs

I leave it up to you, oh Lord
To tend to comfort of your child
Whom all alone within this world
Is just a fawn lost in the wild

So, flow the tears that life restrains
To streak the tender swollen cheeks
And cleanse away a world of pain
From deep within the little sheep

The memories passing separate ways
That fill the dreams of lonely nights
Assurance bound within my faith
One day our spirits shall unite

These expressions, just like a remedy
They help to ease the hidden pain
But just disguise what’s still inside of me
To be that love in your heart again

By Michael Salazar of California, 1993

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