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the determination of the atlantean raceThe Determination of the Atlantean Race

The land of Atlantis was an ancient civilization, perhaps a million years ago, gone forever. Here we meet two lovers, Reigna and Vega, in Atlantis. Experiencing the fiery end of the continent.Then, in the twenty-first century two people, Rachel and Noah, have a chance meeting in New York City and are drawn to each other.They both have had dreams causing them To ponder a history, their history, from a Long time back. As they talk with each other They come to realize that they are the Reigna and Vega reincarnated.Noah’s elder brother Stephan, Scorpius from Atlantean times, challenges their relationship. Will these lovers ever find peace together or will they finally be torn apart by an angry Stephan?

rachel brownAbout Rachel

Rachel Brown has been writing poetry since the seventh grade.  She is excited to complete publish her first novel.  Rachel enjoys summer events in Lewiston and prides herself on making time for things that matter such as friends and family.  Rachel is a graduate of Lewiston Porter Central School.  She lives in Lewiston, NY. 

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