Pretty Pictures, Pretty Ribbons, and You – Poem by Mario Vitale

felt faint inside from the heat of the day
I fell down on my knees to pray
thought of those memories from a time ago
Christmas was spent under the mistletoe
Lewiston Writers' Grouphugs & kisses with everything new
Pretty pictures pretty ribbons and you
deep down in my heart you lit the spark to what I need to know
once gaze from your lips & the world turned around
I look to the past but dream of the day with you
love is the mere essence of my earthly existence
shattered glass on the pavement floor lest I implore another open door…

feelings can change a sense to rearrange those parts inside
don’t bother running away to hide
in this life you will have battles
searching inside to the pathway of truth
pretty pictures pretty ribbons and you
soft lace on her lavish décor lest I implore
time has a way of healing wounds
time can be a thief way out of reach
walk with me to the meadow with grass so green
the world outside can be so very mean
love needs to make a comeback in a real nice way
all of your life you were on display but many fall away
from those simple truths that will make you think right
once this life is over there’s never another chance at which to roll the dice…

be content in the way that you were created to be
shine your lights from above with a bit of love
Pretty pictures ribbons and you
have we bitten off far more then we could ever chew
let’s look above to the heavenly love
many dismiss this effect and tend to sweep things underneath the rug
think of happy moments with all of your heart
like sand box days out digging in the sand
Hopefully someday all will live to understand?

-by Mario Vitale, Wolcott, CT

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