Missing You Half a Day – Poem by Gbenga Fayemiwo

We were hatched perfectly like orphans.

They hardly had time for us,

right from when we were suckling

we rode on the turbulent wing of the wind;

we were nomadic and no rest for our souls

fiery darts will assail in the night,

left alone with our crux and cross.

Defenseless from the wintry wrath,

and spineless to sizzling summer’s scourges

while the Shepherd isn’t there,

wolves came to sow enmity within the fold

and left with nothing to hold.

People scan us day and night,

to unmask our mortal strains

even in the deepest part of the cave–

yes, the gods are not to blame

from birth we nestled sweetly with loneliness,

even Mars couldn’t fight our inner war

full moon since you have gone;

while the young sun is yet to recover

from your missions and adventures.

Our Odysseus has gone out of us like virtues,

but mount on the Trojan horse and return,

do return to your pristine first love

the tender embrace of the caring breast

missed you as death can’t do without life,

and life would be miserable without death.

-By Gbenga Fayemiwo of Lagos, Nigeria

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