Hungry for Heaven – Poem by Mario Vitale

you struck a chord yet deep within
white lines that filtered through my brain
the lover in life is not the sinner
the less that you give you’re a taker

through the head of a small child learning to dream
coupled with the given ambiance of the moment
sincere promises made in the dark
will light the inner spark to where I’m destined to go

we seek for shelter among the wolves that howl
blind wolves desperately bleeding in the night
shadows block the sun in my search for fun
I’m hungry for heaven burning the midnight oil

take too long watching water to boil
dig much deeper then ever before
Dig much deeper then ever before

A willingness to explore the vast perpetual universe

For a cause of true brotherhood & togetherness.

One needs to capture the true essence of their youth.

Carve out time each day to meditate or pray.

Share your unique creativity to a hurting world in search of love

As a beacon of light to a much battered existence.

We need to break the amends answer the call.

Live in light of eternal implications to suffice.

We only get one chance at which to roll the dice.

The modern man does more then search through his Sunday morning newspaper

Sort of a caped crusader with the memory of Steve Jobs in tow.

To evoke creativity toward the mass populace.

Common courtesy by holding open the door for a neighbor

Searches for truth with all of his heart

This will light the inner spark to what he has been waiting for.

Search for the true riches that Christ has in store
an open door by which to humbly explore
the world, the lust of the flesh & pride of life
never relent to ever give up the fight!

-by Mario Vitale, Wolcott, CT

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