Group Story Writing Activities

cropped-cropped-biggest-1-2.jpg Group Story Writing Activities

The Lewiston Writers’ Group is proud to present works of fiction created by members of our group who were daring enough to try their hand at contributing to a story whose chapters are each written by a different author.  Yes, you read that right – each chapter of each story is written by a different member!

*Please note:  There may be language that is not appropriate for young readers*


guardian angel

Guardian Angel (click here)


computer case

The Computer Case (click here)



A Fear of Flying (click here)

3 thoughts on “Group Story Writing Activities”

  1. Oh, fun! A tag-team story! Good job, guys….

    I’ve got a question. How do you construct the thing? Do you start with one person who then passes it on to the next one and so on and so forth? How do you decide who is going to be collaborating on it?

    How do you decide on a theme and is the story-line predetermined or do you make it more of an improv challenge where each person has to take up the tale at wherever the last one left it and take it further?


    1. Hi Netta, I’m glad you enjoyed this. One person volunteers to come up with the original idea and writes the first chapter. Then at each meeting, the chapter is read and someone else volunteers to write the next chapter, and so on. It was so fun!

  2. I’d love to participate in one of these kinds of stories that sound too fun I love the idea its so awesome Debra.

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