What to Buy for a Writer – Gifts to Help Them Succeed!

Writers Digest Magazine – Give a Subscription!

Every issue of Writer’s Digest Magazine is devoted to helping aspiring writers develop their craft by providing author interviews, articles with practical tips, techniques and exercises for all types of genres, and expert advice on how to get published.  The magazine is full of strategies for writing query letters to agents, finding a market for your book, submission guidelines, as well as writing competitions.  Writer’s Digest Magazine also offers tips and exercises for writing fiction, nonfiction and poetry, as well as writing for business.  Any writer would be thrilled to have this valuable resource arrive in their mailbox each month!


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What to Buy for a Writer

What to Buy for a WriterOnline Writing Workshops

Any writer, whether they’re writing for publication, to tell personal stories, or to earn extra money, will benefit from the online writing workshops offered at Writer’s Digest University.  Their expert instructors provide specific instruction, advice, motivation and real-world experience to help any writer get their writing career underway and achieve their goals.

What to Buy for a Writer

What to Buy for a WriterKeys to Great Writing SET

Price:  $17.99

These books, written by Stephen Wilbers, a top writing consultant, are packed with techniques and exercises to help writers practice writing great fiction.  Whether they are an advanced writer who is looking to fine tune their skills, or if they are a beginner, these books will provide all the help they need to add their own signature style to their work.

This Set Includes:

Mastering the Craft of Writing.  This book offers more than 50 sharply focused techniques to help writers craft stronger, more effective pieces, no matter what the genre.  The author presents a series of proven methods for writing with greater style, personality and emphasis.

Keys to Great Writing Revised and Expanded.  This book covers every aspect of writing, showing how to develop a writing voice that is precise, unique and effective.  Everything from grammar to critical revision strategies are provided in an easy-to-follow format.

What to Buy for a Writer

Books On Writing

Writers love to read books about…you guessed it…writing!  You can help your writer friend to fine tune their craft and start actually making money from their writing with these writing memoirs and guidebooks.

On Writing — A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

You Are a Writer: So Start Acting Like One by Jeff Goins

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White

What to Buy for a WriterFirstWriter.com

FirstWriter.com provides unlimited amounts of valuable information for writers.  They cover everything from manuscript development to finding a literary agent or publisher, to editing.  They also offer regular writing competitions in several genres and poetry writing competitions as well.

You can subscribe for as little as $4.49 and get instant access to all the information needed to become a successful writer!

What to Buy for a Writer

Mugs & T-Shirts

What to Buy for a WriterI Turn Coffee Into Books

Price $20.99


What to Buy for a WriterPlease Don’t Annoy the Writer

(She may plot you in a book & kill you)

Price $18.99


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  1. Hi Debra,

    I especially found interesting in the Keys to Great Writing Set one of several that you promoted. Besides my content writing for my two websites, I also do a bit of writing on the side. This set included something that was of interest to me personally – The Mastering of the Craft of Writing which would help any individual to improve his/her ability to create interesting writing.

    I have bookmarked this article for future reference Debra.


  2. Awesome sharing. This is just in time for me as I was pondering on what to get my girlfriend for her coming birthday in March. She’s an aspiring writer and loves to read during her free time. Your suggestions to buy books on writing is a great idea as she will definitely love it, and I appreciate your recommendations on the books to get as I honestly do not know which book will be best for her. Thank you so much!

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